Monday, 9 July 2012


Thank you so much for the kind comments and thoughts left for me yesterday, so helpful.

Mum is better again today although still not eating or drinking much and unable to get out of bed.


Not very delicate! Dentist day today, or at least nearly. I went to my appointment from work this morning, then collected Lauren and Louis from school to take them to their appointments. Lauren’s dentist is in Barnstaple, shame we were 3 and a half hours late Open-mouthed smile Mum told me what time it was, she was delirious the day before, I really should have double checked!

So then back to Braunton and our dentist for Louis. As I mentioned way back in January, my dentist is from hell Smile I had a battle of wills with her that she wouldn’t make me cry out! So a tad worried about Louis, anyway she was fine this morning and was fine with Louis but she is a bit odd, she is swedish and very softly spoken, which makes her incredibly difficult to understand. Louis was trying not to laugh and raising his eyebrows at me. Anyway she offered him a sticker at the end and he accepted, saying “thank you that’s kind of you.” When we got outside, he said, “I’m a bit old for stickers Mum but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings”. Smile

A catch up of the Race For Life photos from yesterday.


My hearts all fresh, pink and bright.


The warm-up which I was late for Open-mouthed smile


A thrilling action shot of me running Smile


You can’t really see much more than a few touches of pink coming along the river behind me.


The finish line, finally in sight Smile


The heart after, tear stained and my wild hair. It took me 36 minutes, I am still surprised at that so if I told you yesterday sorry Smile


  1. So pleased your Mum is no worse and staying in bed will help her xx

    I don't wonder you cried at the end and well done on your time and the visit to the dentist!

  2. Teeth can feel very delicate after the dentist has had a go at them. Glad that your mum is no worse and well done for yesterday.

  3. You sound perkier today and that will help Mum..I hate the dentist and really get nervous, then I am a smug bunny once I'm done, but it never helps next time be any easier.. if I can I even avoid taking the kids as I'm not sure I can be strong for them too.. so it's a job for Col.. x

  4. Glad your mum is a bit better.
    Just the word "dentist" is enough to drive me nuts. I can't stand that, even bringing somebody else, even in the waiting room...
    Well done on your race. You can be proud of yourself. xxx

  5. Great photos from the Race for Life. Hope your mum is feeling much better tomorrow.

  6. good news that your mum is a little better. Well done on 36 mins for the RFL, I dread to think how long it would take me. ...and well done at the dentist and for louis for accepting the sticker :)

  7. Teeth can be very delicate!
    I like very the idea of yours the Race For Life!
    /We are here to race for everything - money, power. But we have forgotten that we live./
    Painted hearts - very cute!